Attila Konnyu is a Palm Beach based American-Hungarian artist, who was born in Budapest, Hungary. 


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The Late 1990’s and Early 2000’s:

Konnyu studied architecture at Ybl Miklos University, Budapest. He was very interested in television and film making, He started his film career in the 1980's. He worked with Hungarian Television (MTV) as executive producer and Mafilm Hungarian Film Studios Budapest (MAFILM) as artistic director. 


He had built numerous real estate development projects. Directed and produced the Radiomax party in Amnesia Ibiza (the Best Global Club around the world) on the island of Ibiza, Spain.

Konnyu’s near-death experiences as a seven year-old child and as a young adult guided him towards meditation. This interest, at first self-taught, was later helped by spiritual guides and mentors as well as studying literature. His experiences during meditation guided him towards Expressionism. Upon his meeting with the Tachisme artists whom he held in high regard, Konnyu departed on his journey of new gestural painting with a sometimes calligraphic aspect as a way of his self-expression. He met with the two genius abstract expressionist artists, Karel Appel and Emil Schumacher, in Tuscany and on the island of Ibiza.


“Create your paintings with strong, wild gestures and do it with a pure heart! If you please, shout with the power of wild colors, but create your paintings with the honesty of the sleeping child in you!” These were the words of Karel Appel to Konnyu when they saw each other at the end of 1990's in Europe.


Konnyu began to depict that visual world of his experiences during meditation, the series of continuously pulsating, vibrating, feeling and loving ‘unknown’ spiritual states. He uses colors as a kind of emotional energy state, (blood red, sky blue, yellow orange, gold and silver and the power of nature, the poison green). He presented his paintings at various events and galleries in California, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland and Hungary. Konnyu has traveled all over the world. He visited the continent of Australia and many countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North and South America and the Pacific Islands. He lived in the magnificent Mediterranean countries, (Italy and Spain) for three years.

The 2010’s:

In 2013 Konnyu moved to the city of Palm Beach, Florida in the United States. Inspired by Florida nature, he began creating a new series of paintings in his art studio. 

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Konnyu started making his sculptures in the early 2010's. His most important drive was his own paintings. He felt that the gestures, created in the two dimensional paintings could be displayed in three dimensions.

He is taking the abstract shapes further, his gestural abstractions where the material is being shaped by his hand, by modeling, working out the shapes in clay, at times even he leaves his fingerprints behind. This process gives his works an organic feeling. These abstract shapes may reference human or animal figures. Konnyu distorts and breaks up the form, sometimes he leaves it behind altogether. The undulating form cast in bronze interprets the appearing thing in its essence. 


His artworks have been exhibited in US at prestigious venues, galleries and Art Fairs at Miami Art Basel Weeks and Art Palm Beach.

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Konnyu's American experiences and inspirations reinvigorated his great love for movie-making and with his American and European partners he started working with as a producer, director and writer from 2016 in the field of the modern movie and entertainment art business in the United States and in the countries of European Union.

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From 2018, Konnyu represents his art in Asia. He exhibited in the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) in Beijing, and in the major museums and art venues of the cities, like Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Jiangkou, Mianying, Singapore, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Zhaotong.

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Two hundred million people around the world watched Konnyu's documentary movie, which was broadcasted on the Chinese International Television Channel (CCTV4) on September 22. 2019.


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